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I recently learned of a new experience as far as matters hotels are concerned. Have you ever heard of apartment hotels? In case you are looking for a different kind of plan, then this is something you should try out, especially if you are in Nairobi. I recently had a staycation at the Curve by the Park, and really got to experience what spending your vacation in an apartment hotel feels like. I arrived at the hotel at around one o’clock and was warmly received by the staff and escorted to the lift into my spacious one-bedroom apartment. Comely Curveballs, TSG Hospitality The first thing I noticed were the scenic views of the Nairobi National Park, which made me forget everything and just gaze. My apartment had the view of the waterhole, where a herd of buffaloes was busy quenching their thirst. Quite Comely Curveballs, TSG Hospitalityfrankly, my whole time at this place was just spent at the balcony gazing at the park and trying to take shots of the room and myself with the view. The room was neatly arranged and had a fully furnished kitchen with appliances, a laundry area, a bathroom with a wash cubicle and rain water, a living area that also had the dining spot, and a master bedroom, which had the view of the park too. The difference between an apartment hotel and a normal hotel is that it offers all the services that would be found in a regular hotel, except for some of the amenities such as a laundry area or a fully furnished kitchen, which will usually not be found in a hotel. This makes it more homely, especially if one is on a long-term stay. My favourite thing about this apartment hotel was how it borders the Nairobi National Park, which just adds onto the perks. They also have a co-working space, and, if you have pending deadlines, you can still have leisure and work. Again, there’s a meeting space known as The Pod, which is suitable for corporate guests who require shared office space during their stay. One can either dine in the restaurant or, if you love cooking for yourself, you can do so in your apartment. I also loved the views of the Nairobi skyline at night from my balcony and the stars at night. There is something magical about the skies at night that makes all your worries disappear, and if you are with someone special, conversations can go up to hours under the stars. If you are a coffee lover, you can spend time at the Black Bean Coffee Bar or at the Waves Pool Bar, which I found relaxing, and also has spaces where you can work as you enjoy your drink. Comely Curveballs, TSG HospitalityIn case you love working out, there’s a gym with views, which I regret not getting a chance to sample during my stay.Comely Curveballs, TSG Hospitality

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Written by Tsg Hospitality

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